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Specialists in CapEx & OpEx savings for Mobile Networks Operators

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No more approximative budgets, invest only where needed, what needed, and when needed

Innovative solution for 4G and 5G networks capacity planning, subscribers QoS and QoE and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) lines management. It is time to sweat the assets!


Our solution is based on 30 years of R&D from INRIA France, Telecom ParisTech France and SCM France, and replaces drive tests, probes and complex analysis to detect and inquire low 4G and 5G subscribers performances


We designed the most comprehensive solution to manage 4G and 5G capacity, investments, budgets, QoS (service), QoE (subscribers experience) and available sellable Fixed Wireless Access lines


We also developped tools automating the extraction of configuration parameters from bulk files, and created tools mapping OSS traffic from Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE networks to unique databases


Those tools are available for operators, integrators and software and service providers. They are easy and simple to deploy, typically 1 week for a 1000 sites operator, there is no hardware needed, no software, no probes and we use only existing OSS counters

Here's some interesting facts about our company.

Univo solution is being deployed worlwide

% Average CapEx savings

% Average Additional Fixed Wireless Access Lines discovered With No Investments

% Average Annual Revenue Market Share Increase

$M Average Additonnal Monthly Revenues and Contracts at Risk of Churn Discovered

What's get measured, gets done.

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Genuinely committed to providing more customer service excellence than anyone else

Available FWA Lines

Are you struggling to know whether you can still sell subscription? We provide available 4G and FWA sellable lines per sector for the current configuration and traffic load. Our solution is based on data exported from OSS counters and vendor bulk file

  • Lines Per Different Plan Mix (no limits)
  • Lines Per Postal Codes
  • Tables, Maps, Pie Charts, Dashboards


Save on drive tests and probes, with Univo your OSS counters reveals customers' experience and quality of service. Root Cause Analysis for underperforming cells

  • User throughputs
  • Sector capacity
  • Contracts at risk of churn

OSS Extractor

Extract the RF configuration parameters from your BSC, RNC and eNodeB dump/bulk file (available Huawei and Ericsson)

  • Neighbors all techno -> all techno
  • Transmitter
  • Cell information

Capacity Planning

Discover congested cells, overdimensionned cells, forecast traffic at cell and sector levels, simulate marketing offers introduction impacts on network and create optimized budgets

  • Congested Cells
  • Upgrades Needed
  • Traffic Forecast


4G-LTE capacity planning and management is hard! 5G will be worse! Do not stay behind

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Seasoned Telecom, Software and Sales Executives Entrepreneurs

Olivier Rostaing
Founder - Telecom
Julius Malisauskas
Juan-Felipe Gonzalez
Board Member
Steve Dujmovic
Senior Telecom Advisor

Lowest cost services

No engagement, no hidden fee, no minimum order. You proceed as per your budget

    • Detect LTE Issues

    • $x/sector/month

      • Low performances detection
      • RCA Root Cause Analysis
      • Correction Proposal
      • Upgrades needed to reach target QoE
      • Forecast up to +12 months Traffic Forecast
    • Purchase
    • Find FWA Sellable Lines

    • $x/sector/month

      • Sellable Lines Available per plan mix
      • Sellable Lines Maximum per sectors per offers
      • At Risk Subscription at risk of churn
      • Post Code Tables of lines and maps per postcode
      • Marketing Simulate offer introduction impact on quality
    • Purchase
    • LTE QoS and QoE

    • $x/sector/month

      • 5GB Disk Storage
      • 20GB Bandwidth
      • 20 E-Mail Accounts
      • 20 Databases
      • 10 Subdomains
    • Purchase
    • LTE Upgrades and Traffic Forecasting

    • $x/sector/month

      • 10GB Disk Storage
      • 40GB Bandwidth
      • 100 E-Mail Accounts
      • 50 Databases
      • 20 Subdomains
    • Purchase


At that price, it would be criminal to leave your subscribers unattended, call us now

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